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A walk down the Hopkins

In the spring of 2000 Bob McKenzie walked the length of Victoria’s longest river - the Hopkins. The 300 km stretch, from Skeleton Hills near Ararat to Warrnambool, took five weeks and began just after Bob’s 74th birthday.

The trek began in remnant native scrub and progressed through towns and farms, past billabongs, waterfalls, cliff-tops and thick scrub, to eroded banks, open pastures and finally Logan’s Beach.

Bob kept notes along the way of the people he met, the landcare groups he joined, and a daily record of water quality measurements, but always his thoughts and experiences. There were challenges - the constant rain during what was one of the wettest springs on record; and the fences - electric, barbwire and odd mixtures of the two!

Bob’s aim was to do something for the community, after all he’s a long time and active member of Apex, Rotary, his local Church and the local Community Development Committee among other pursuits.

Bob has a busy schedule of speaking engagements, mostly in Western Victoria, based on his newly published book ‘Down the Hopkins’.

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