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Professor Graham Farquhar

Linking plant evaporative demand and pan evaporation

Professor Farquhar is Professor of Environmental Biology at the Research School of Biological Sciences, ANU . He is a world leader in researching and modelling the interactions between plants and their environment. As a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Professor Farquhar shared the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize with other IPCC scientists.

Using a combination of approaches from developmental biology, molecular-genetics, biophysics and mathematics, Professor Farquhar investigates the coordination of carbon dioxide fixation and transpiration in plants, and the biophysics of carbon dioxide and water exchange between plants, soil and the atmosphere.

The modelling of plant leaf water loss by plant physiologists is not well connected to the modelling of evaporation by hydrologists. Through this Fellowship, Professor Farquhar will formalise the relationship between these two aspects of evaporation so as to include the linkage between pan evaporation rate and evaporative demand imposed on individual plant leaves and vegetation. This would allow quantitative comparison between the effects of changes in rainfall and those of evaporative demand on vegetation. This will reduce uncertainty in the modelling of changes in photosynthesis and plant primary productivity which in turn will be beneficial for identifying strategies for the development of water-efficient plants.

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Professor Graham Farquhar at The Australian National University, Canberra

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