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Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions in the Fractured Rock Areas

of the South West of Western Australia

This report entails the component of works undertaken in the Wilyabrup catchment, located in the south west of Western Australia, near the town of Cowaramup and Smith Brook catchment located in the south west of Western Australia immediately south of the town Manjimup. These catchments were selected as they are both reliant on reliable water supplies to sustain established agricultural and viticultural systems.

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Science and the irrigator a learning manifesto

Research Bulletin

This bulletin explores the relationship between local irrigation practice and adaptive learning. When combined the shared conceptualisation of real world problems leads to better industry outcomes. The research bulletin uses a case study of irrigating a sweet corn crop with waste water to demonstrate this process in action.

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Sustaining perennial horticultural production

under supplementary irrigation drawn from saline groundwater

This publication explores ongoing perennial horticultural production using supplementary irrigation with saline groundwater. The role of rainfall, spatial distribution of salinity and salt-exclusion characteristics of rootstocks are among the considerations.

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Future Vision and Options for Irrigation

Research, Development and Extension Report

This publication outlines the framework for forward planning research, development and extension delivery for the irrigation industry and to assist the industry to contribute to several Australian Government Reviews considering research and development and extension/knowledge management in 2010.

The framework has been developed by the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation and Irrigation Australia Limited.

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Informing Ord River water management

Research Bulletin

In many regions of Australia there can be gaps between scientific community and general public understanding of water management issues. This bulletin outlines a framework for working together in the Ord River region using an initiative from the UNESCO International Hydrological Program called Health Environment Life Policy (HELP).

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Water Use Efficiency

Improving water use efficiency has been a driving force for government and commercial endeavours for several decades but the term can mean different things to different people. For example, to governments water use efficiency may be a key to optimising production from water resources, while for irrigators it may contribute to optimal profit for their business.

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Planning Tools

Future scenarios and ecological risk assessments

Rising global demand for food offers a positive outlook for irrigators, with potential for higher commodity prices. However, producers face increasingly competitive and volatile markets, compounded by the global fnancial crisis. There are also looming shortages of water, as cities increase their demands, water is reallocated to improve the environment and flows are affected by climate change.

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Enhancing water supply systems

The redesign, refurbishment and automation of irrigation systems and their management is being driven by the need to: improve the water use efficiency of irrigation supply systems by reducing losses, so making more water available for additional irrigation or other uses, including the environment; improve the operational efficiency of irrigation supply systems through the rationalisation and automation of distribution, drainage and storage (more)...

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Irrigated farm businesses

Increasing the resilience

Irrigated farm businesses currently face a number of problems—reduced water allocations and river flows, increased climate variability, and economic pressures.

In order to remain profitable and increase the productivity of water supplies, urgent action is required.

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Irrigation Essentials - 2008

Research and innovation for Australian irrigators

The NPSI Knowledge Harvest brings together information from across the National Program for Sustainable Irrigation (NPSI) projects, highlighting key findings and promoting wider understanding. This document is a key part of the On-farm Irrigation Essentials theme. It summarises the fundamental principles underlying efficient and profitable irrigation, gives examples of leading-edge technologies and directs readers to sources of more (more)...