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SIRP Monitoring and Evaluation Surveys

Summary and Overall Instructions

The Social and Institutional Research Program (SIRP) aims to "contribute to the long-term sustainability of landscapes, lifestyles and livelihoods in rural Australia by funding and managing integrated social, economic and institutional research and learning activities." To help achieve its goals, SIRP now has a formal annual process for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) -Roughley and Dart 2005-2010

Successful projects are likely to bring about beneficial changes in the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of project stakeholders. There could also be shifts in the agencies they represent. Changes might be positive or negative, intended or unintended.

Principal Researchers are being asked to help with M&E by surveying project stakeholders about SIRP research outcomes. The survey tools are provided and explained here.

To take part in the SIRP M&E process, Principal Researchers will need to identify three to six key stakeholders who can comment on the project. Surveys will be conducted: 

  • throughout the life of the project, 
  • towards its completion, and 
  • then annually until 2010.

Longitudinal Key Audience Survey

This survey investigates the impact of selected Land & Water Australia projects. Several people involved in each project are asked to complete the survey several times, both during and after project completion. The survey includes a gap analysis to estimate the project’s importance and effectiveness. Your comments will help to improve project impacts.

Take the Online Survey

Most Significant Change Survey

This survey captures stories that describe the difference that the research makes. These stories could help to promote and improve projects, and to learn about any unexpected impacts. The stories are gathered towards the end of projects, from people who have been involved. Both the stories themselves, and the reasons for their significance are of interest here. We expect the stories to be about a page long, but they can be any length.

Take the online survey 

For print surveys please send to:

Su Wild-River
PO Box 11
Braidwood, NSW 2622

If you have any queries or comments please contact:
Su Wild-River